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Real weight loss tips for women – Things that work

weight loss tips for women

When it comes to weight loss goals between men and women, the differences are significant. We are constantly reminded of this especially when you’re at the gym and are waiting for the results, but they don’t come, or at least don’t appear to. That is because of the needs of both bodies and very different from the other and process their intake differently. A big difference is that women develop more body fat and have higher calorie requirements for breastfeeding and pregnancy. The metabolic rates are also very different between the two. It is theorized that this probably stems from men acting and hunters and gatherers. Women burn 16% fewer daily calories than men do so it takes longer for women to reach their goals.

Unlike men, fat is distributed below the waist. This is referred to a more pear-shaped body form. Studies have shown more of a connection with women and their body image, which may lead into the dangerous psychological territory of body dysmorphia, where a woman might feel that they are overweight when they are not. There are also signs that the connection is more emotional which enables there to be more control over the intake of different foods and how it benefits the body.

Real weight loss tips for women:

Women are no different from men as far as their diet is concerned regarding weight loss. Calories per day requirements for women remain around the 1200 to 1600 area. A regular balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, grains and meats with exercise will give women the same edge as men as long as the calorie count is maintained per day. This is determined by a woman’s height and weight.

It would be safe to say that this seems rather unfair since guys can eat pretty much what they want and burn it off quickly but let’s look at the bright side of this, the fat distribution on men happen in more fragile areas in the abdomen. Aha! Think about the trouble they have there. Well, we are all after the same goal, and it can’t be that easy for men.

If you apply your mind to the goal of weight loss, then all you have to do is follow through. Make sure that you don’t overdo your workout routine. You might burn some calories, but rushing things is just going to stress your body out on the idea that the faster you do it, the better. It takes at least 20 minutes of a workout before your body starts to burn calories, so take it slow. Start with a steady 30-minute walk every day at least once a day. You will start feeling better towards the end of the week.

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