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Success Stories of Hyperbaric Chamber to Treat Autism

Hyperbaric Chamber

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), also known as autism, can be described as a group of neurological as well as developmental disabilities, which causes communicative, social, and behavioral issues. ASD has been used as an umbrella term because the people suffering from this this problem can exhibit a wide range of symptoms. Earlier, developmental disorders such as Asperger syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Cerebral Palsy, and many more cognitive issues were diagnosed separately. However, all of these have now been brought under the canopy of Autism Spectrum Disorder and are treated as related conditions.

Autism and Its Probable Causes

In spite of medical advancement, the exact causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder are yet to be known. Research as well as case studies point to a number of reasons, namely, medical conditions, environmental triggers, and genes, which might have been responsible for the onset of ASD, early in the childhood.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the Treatment of Autism in Children

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT therapy for autism is an alternative treatment for fighting ASD in children. HBOT Therapy treats autism by placing the affected kids in a pressurized chamber, known as the Hyperbaric Chamber. Inside the chamber, the person with ASD inhales 100 percent pure oxygen to enhance the body's natural healing tendencies.

HBOT therapy is said to treat autism in children by addressing a number of issues, that arise due to this neurodevelopmental disorder. The therapy is carried out through the hyperbaric chamber to fight inflammation, cerebral hypoperfusion, and oxidative stress, some major complications which arise due to autism. In case, the parents wish to continue the treatment of their kid at home, hyperbaric chambers for sale, are available in the market for purchase.

Success Stories of Autism Treatment through Hyperbaric Chamber

There has been scores of success stories and positive testimonials from parents of autistic children, who had opted to use the Hyperbaric Chamber for fighting ASD and noticed a significant improvement in their children. In this article, we will share some testimonials from parents, whose kids displayed significant improvement after undergoing HBOT therapy for autism.

Alex and His Success with Hyperbaric Chamber:

At an early age of one year, Alex was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, one of the conditions that come under ASD and is related to autism. While the doctors prescribed medications to control and treat Alex's seizures, his parents were not comfortable using them, after studying about the side-effects. Instead, they decided to opt for HBOT therapy as an alternative line of treatment for their son's autism. Subsequently, Alex was put on a 40 session hyperbaric treatment plan, which stretched over two months.

However, within eight weeks of spending time inside the hyperbaric chamber, Alex's seizures went down from six to one, sometimes none, within a day. Furthermore, Alex also became more responsive to stimuli and was comparatively more alert of his surroundings, something which was absent in him, before he went for the HBOT Therapy.

HBOT Therapy Improves Makayla's Seizures:

Makayla's seizures started when she was only four months old. While doctors grappled to understand the cause of the seizures, the baby experienced a Grade 4 bilateral bleed, which rendered her comatose. The doctors had no hope for Makayla's recovery and stated that even if she gains consciousness, her body would be rendered to a vegetative state for life. Although Makayla came out of the coma, the doctors were unsuccessful in determining the cause of the bleed and diagnosed her with Cerebral Palsy, among other major cognitive conditions.

Even after coming out of the coma, Makayla's seizures didn't stop and became a daily part of her life. Her family put Makayla on HBOT treatment subsequent to a brain hemorrhage which took place as a result of a 30-minute long seizure. Slowly and steadily, the baby showed signs of improvement as her eye coordination and focus improved and the frequency of seizures decreased. The girl who was expected to live in a lifelong vegetative state has slowly and steadily started learning and developing at her own pace.

David and His Fight Against Autism:

Doctors declared David autistic at the age of two. Since his diagnosis, David, who had a knowledge of 75 words, slowly and steadily became completely non-verbal as time progressed. He was put on HBOT therapy for autism after his parent's and doctors noticed improvements subsequent to a modified diet and steady application of B12 shots.

The two-year-old, after being non-verbal for months uttered his first word inside the hyperbaric chamber during his first HBOT therapy session. Apart from licensed medical establishments offering HBOT therapy for autism, in-home hyperbaric chambers are also sold in the market for personal use. David's parents installed one such chamber in their home so that they could increase the duration and frequency of each HBOT session for David. His condition improved drastically and David at the end of his 24th dive was able to speak words and use phrases, even outside the hyperbaric chamber.


Although HBOT Therapy for autism is an off-label treatment, there are several testimonies available, documenting the benefits of this alternative option. This treatment is considered as a ray of hope by many parents who have exhausted all modes of traditional treatment without getting promising results.

There are many online sites as well as brick and motor stores, which offer hyperbaric chamber for sale, specially created for in-home use. Parents and guardians of autistic kids can start or continue sessions of HBOT therapy using these in-home chambers, without moving the child or exposing him/her to unnatural surroundings. Currently, this form of therapy is increasingly gaining popularity among parents, who are open to trying non-traditional, alternative options for fighting autism.

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