How Can Exercise Improve The Immunity Of Your Body?

How Can Exercise Improve The Immunity

Are you living in a metropolitan city? Do you complain about pollution? Is it rampant in your city? Then it is mandatory you remain healthy and fit for the entire year. However, due to family commitments and work schedule, you are not able to do exercise daily. In similar situations, opt for the service of online gym trainers.

Please note that as you become older, the immunity capacity of the body goes down. You can easily become prey to simple diseases such as a cold and fever. So, it is better you pull up your socks and engage your body in a workout that can enhance the immunity in the body.

There are some children who battle cough or cold every other week. They also feel tired and deprived of positive energy all the time. Now in this article shall we look into the benefits of doing exercise every day?

  • A daily bout of exercise can reduce the chances to develop heart disease. It will also keep the bones strong and healthy. The heart becomes stronger as it has to pump more blood to the entire part of the body. The muscles become stronger as they are used more often.
  • When you do exercise, you breathe fresh air. The lungs expand to cater to the requirements. The brain also gets rejuvenated.
  • Physical activity can cause positive changes in white blood cells and antibodies. White blood cells are responsible for fighting any intruders or disease causing pathogens.
  • When you become tenses, the adrenalin hormone gets released. A large amount of this hormone can spell illnesses for the body. Exercise can help reduce the release of this hormone.
  • If you have joined a group class, chances are that you get to meet more friends. There is a proverb – Smiles always keep the doctor away. More friends, more fun – the result – you remain healthy.
  • You need not take any sick leave in your career. More working days, and you can really progress in the specific field.

Various Types of Exercise As Per Your Age


Always remember, that the muscles and body you build in the 20s can stay till your old age. But you should consistently exercise as per the requirements of the body.

In case you are a 20-year old, you can do the following activities such as

  • Pushups,
  • Lunges
  • Lifting weights

You should also exercise for a minimum of six hours per week to remain in peak fitness form.

If you are in the 30s

Are you bored doing the same exercise again and again? Then it is time to try something new. You can start other physical activity such as

  • Deep sea swimming
  • Join a martial art class such as Aiki Jujitsu, Aikido and Judo
  • Running in the cross country
  • Dancing to various styles such as Zumba
  • Swimming camps

After completing all exercises, it is mandatory to do stretching exercises.

Are you in the 40s?

This is the age, when the strength of the muscles gets reduced. So you should participate in weight training and other physical exercises.

What about the 50s?

Are you getting prone to aches and pains? So, develop the exercise routine around them. Enlist the help of your physician. He/she can help you choose the best exercises. Some can be –

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Pilates


Are you huffing and puffing after climbing a set of stairs? No worry. Only factor is, you should exercise properly. Any fall or tumble and you can suffer a fracture. It is better to adapt to simple exercises or join a class run by a certified trainer after attaining the age of sixty years.

For a 65 year old person, walking in the morning or cycling in the evening is a good exercise.


Are you hale and hearty? Congratulations! You have had a commitment to staying healthy. You never missed a day of exercise. But in this age, please refrain from doing heavy weights.

You can however take part in stretching exercises, mild aerobics and leg lifts.


However, before you begin any exercise, ensure that you consult with your doctor if you have a medical history. Persons with high blood pressure should not indulge in weight lifting or rigorous sport activity.

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