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Top Natural Home Remedies for Mastitis

Home Remedies for Mastitis

Breast milk plays an important role in keeping your little baby strong, energized and healthy, especially the newborn one. It supplies him/her all the crucial nutrients, enzymes & other substances which boost the immune system, encourage proper growth as well as prevent many health problems. As you can see, there is no real substitute for the breast milk and undeniably taking good care of yourself has never been more necessary.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis, also known as puerperal or lactation mastitis, is a medical term used to indicate the infection which happens to your breast tissues. This problem is commonly found in breastfeeding women because of the accumulation of breast milk. In detail, the process of breastfeeding could be interrupted and there is a build-up of milk existing in your breast. Hence, it leads to infection and you will face with several remarkable signs of mastitis.

What Causes Mastitis?

The leading causes of mastitis are below:

●The clogged milk duct

●Your baby does not attach or suck the breast properly

●Bacteria attack your body through a break of the nipple

●Not breastfeed frequently

In addition, it is advised that you should keep feeding the little baby on your milk, this problem does not cause any negative effect on his/her health.

What are the Symptoms of Mastitis?

When it comes to mastitis, you might experience some following symptoms:

●Soreness or tenderness



●Throbbing pain

●Having abnormal discharge from your nipple

●Tender lump in your breast

Home Remedies for Mastitis

1. Massage

The simplest and safest home remedy for mastitis is to massage your breast gently. By doing that, it helps relax your breast and stimulate the flow of breast milk. You will clear the blockage in your milk duct and remove tender lump after a few minutes. As mentioned above, keep feeding your child with breast milk also helps you deal with mastitis. Because the active and anti-inflammatory compounds in breast milk have an ability to eliminate bad bacteria as well as reduce infection. Hence, before you want to continue breastfeeding on the affected side, you should apply the massage remedy.

How to apply:

●Get some essential oils and rub them on the affected breast

●Slowly massage it with your fingers

●Keep doing the massage for 10 - 15 minutes

●Repeat this treatment daily as needed.

2. Honey

Another impressive home remedy on how to get rid of mastitis is honey that you can find right in your kitchen. On one hand, honey is really beneficial to your immune system and overall health. It includes antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which aid you in reducing the swelling effectively. On the other hand, honey speeds up your healing process.

How to apply:

●Consume ¼ cup of raw honey to treat the infection. Perform this tip on a daily basis for several weeks.

●Or you can easily add some honey to your daily meal to stay away from mastitis.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used in various treatments for many skin and health problems for centuries. Indeed, you also can use aloe vera to fight against the infection of your breast productively. Aloe vera acts as a soothing agent that helps you ease the pain, break the clog and reduce swelling. Moreover, aloe vera works well with repairing damaged tissues and helps restore them back to normal soon.

How to apply:

●Get the fresh gel from some aloe vera leaves

●Dab it right on the suffered breast

●Allow it to dry completely

●Then clean it off with water

●Follow this method twice per day until there is the improvement.

4. Cold Therapy

One of the most impressive home remedies for mastitis is cold therapy. It is totally easy for you to prepare this tip right at your home. The cold temperature can reduce the pain, swelling and tenderness. After a few times applying cold therapy, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

How to apply:

●Prepare some ice cubes and put them in a pack

●Place the pack on your painful areas for 15 - 20 minutes

●Keep doing this remedy several times a day.

5. Heat Therapy

Like cold therapy, you also can follow heat therapy to deal with some bad symptoms of mastitis at your home. Obviously, the hot temperature has great effect on the milk secretion and infected tissues. Furthermore, it promotes the circulation of blood and healing process. It is recommended that you had better try the heat therapy right after applying cold therapy in order to get a good result.

How to apply:

●Soak a clean towel in hot water

●Then squeeze it to remove the extra water

●Place this towel over your affected breast

●Leave it there for 10 - 15 minutes

●Perform the tip daily until mastitis is disappeared.

6. Garlic

Garlic heads on the list of top home remedies for mastitis that a half cupwill not let you down on combating mastitis. With the antibiotic property, garlic is able to help you ease the pain and relieve swelling immediately. Otherwise, garlic is so good for your immunity and overall health. It can speed up your recovery and restore the damaged tissues of your breast.

How to apply:

●Add more garlic to your daily diet to get rid of mastitis

●You also can eat raw some cloves of garlic at waking time. Repeat daily for several days

●Alternatively, consume garlic supplements in the form of tablets or capsules. But you need to ask for your doctor’s advice.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are seeking the ways to treat mastitis, you should try apple cider vinegar. With a sufficient amount, the antiseptic property of apple cider vinegar can help you soothe the pain, decrease swelling and prevent the spread of infection. Plus, this vinegar improves your immunity and fights off bad bacteria naturally.

How to apply:

●Use a 1:3 ratio of ACV and water to create a mixture. Clean the infected areas with this mixture. Perform the tip a couple of times per day to treat mastitis.

●Another option is to add 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a little honey to a glass of water. Consume it daily for a week.

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