How to Get Slim Body: Useful Tips to Stay Slim

How to Get Slim Body

Now it is scientifically proven that the Americans were subject to 40 years the mistaken belief that fat makes you fat and is responsible for the lifestyle diseases such as myocardial infarction, adult-onset diabetes, obesity, etc. A change in thinking takes place, and the Americans back row. Not fat is the problem, but sugar or simple carbohydrates, and especially the combination of animal fats with simple carbohydrates.

The reasons for this lie in our survival program that secured thousands of years of our existence in lean times. As hunters and gatherers, our ancestors had only a limited selection of food: meat = protein and fat-rich, berries, tubers and nuts = carbohydrates. A wild animal had succumbed to a challenge and not always the hunt has been successful. In short, it was a long time nothing to eat! Man/woman had to resort so on berries, tubers, and nuts. These mainly contain carbohydrates that are into glucose, the form of sugar which can burn the body decomposed. Compared to fat Carbohydrates provide energy quickly and easily.

Useful tips on how to get slim body

The point: To conserve its fat stores for lean times, the body stopped the fat burning and burned the easily accessible carbohydrates! Our body still works just. Because as soon as we take carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, sugar to us, is, first of all, an end to the fat burning! Added to this is that with simultaneous intake of fat, this goes directly into the fat cells. However, the body needs fat. Especially vegetable fats such as extra virgin olive oil, even act very positive effect on the cardiovascular system. So you may now not conclude: Get rid of the fat! Important, so it is henceforth not to eat everything at once. Cheap combinations are:

Protein/fat meal: low-carb and fibrous vegetables and meat/fish & extra virgin olive oil or carbohydrate meal: wholemeal bread, small amounts Sweet Spreads, rice, pasta, potatoes & vegetables, but it all possible with very, very little other best vegetable fat.

Sugary drinks should all emphasize Sweet only for carbohydrate meal. All white flour products (baguettes, rolls, croissants) banish! At least during the week on weekends, you can even allow a “sin.” In any case, one should every 3 to 4 hours to eat something to play for the body no shortage. Otherwise, it switches on the back burner and makes us so when removing a spanner in the works.

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