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Cosmetics Reasons: Why Rhinoplasty Is a Common Trend in Teens

Cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Being a teenager was not emotional enough! Today, the decision to opt for a “nose job” can be hard for both parents and teens. With society playing a major role, the ever-changing need to meet up with the standards or expectations of the people around, rhinoplasty in Atlanta is a surgical procedure that attracts a good hype around it. For both parents and teens, this surgery can turn out to be a hard one. Whether you are a teen and not so happy with how your nose appears, or a parent whose teen is ready for a nose job, rest assured that when it comes to Rhinoplasty, there are lot things you need to consider. After all, this is a controversial and highly sensitive subject.

For parents, it is essential to think clearly and seriously about why your teens would want a rhinoplasty. Having an aesthetically unappealing nose could affect your mental health negatively and the decision to enhance its appearance could improve your life in numerous ways, as you would think. Your child’s wellness and happiness are important factors you need to consider.

There are so many reasons why your teenager may consider a nose job. For the best or for the worst, the nose is one of the first things you will notice on any persons face. Understanding the common reasons why teens get rhinoplasty may help you and your child to make the important decision.

Cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Only because your teen would want a rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons does not mean that you should consider brushing off their request. When a person feels negative about their appearance, this could contribute to a number of emotional problems in teens and adults, including anxiety, self-esteem, and sometimes depression. Such feelings could become worse if other teens make fun of how the nose of your child appears.
From experts at top clinics, such as Crispin Plastic Surgery, here are some of the most common reasons why teens consider the rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery.

A Crooked Nose

Often, a crooked nose tends to cause an injury or genetics plays a role in distracting others from the features on your face. Usually, symmetry ties closely to attractiveness; even a nose slightly crooked may cause discontent. Right after your surgeon examines the condition of your nose, they could determine if straightening the septum or aligning the bones (nasal bones) will work best t enhance the appearance of your nose.

Hump on the Nose

When a stranger looks at your face, the first thing they will notice is your nose. A large hump right on your nose could be distracting and appear disproportioned on your face. Although many people tend to think that the nose must break before fixing the hump, this is not necessarily the case. Rather, an artistic and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon could help to polish the bone down in order to give the nose of their patient a better and smoother nose.

A Nose too Small or too Big

On the other hand, a nose that appears too big could shift away from the focus from the rest of your teen’s face, and a nose too small may appear unappealing aesthetically. For the bigger noses, a rhinoplasty surgery may help to reduce the cartilage or shorten the septum length. For smaller noses, surgeons may take grafts from other areas to build up the nose.

Difficulty When Breathing

Although your teens may appear great, it may not work in the right manner. Nasal obstructions in your nose could make it difficult for you to breathe, keep you uncomfortable and at other times make it even impossible for you. Specialists can correct septum or inferior turbinates, nasal values during a functional rhinoplasty to allow better and easier breathing.

Fractured Nose

The breaking of the nose is not just painful, but it may leave you with functional and cosmetic problems. The good news is that it is easy for specialists to reposition your nasal bones with the techniques available in rhinoplasty. Recently, if you had an injury, it is ideal to treat it within two weeks. This way, your nasal bones will heal back to its correct position. If you decide to wait longer, your surgeon would perform a complicated nose job to make your nose appear better and enhance the function of your nose.

Nostrils Too Small or Too Big

The nostrils too big have a chance of revealing a little too much of the inside of your nose. However, on the other side of the spectrum, nostrils too small could make your nose appear pinched as well as restrict your breathing. Surprisingly, to most people, it is possible for your nose to have small or big nostrils. At such times, experts could help to alter the size of the nose cartilage, bridge or septum. If the size of your nose is fine, the nostrils will need resizing, experts could remove the tissue for big nostrils or work on widening the opening.

If you are searching for natural results in rhinoplasty, you should consult experts near you who specialize in rhinoplasty and improving the appearance of your nose as well as correcting impaired nasal airways. In addition, they could also guide you about some of the common reasons to opt for a rhinoplasty or nose surgery.

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