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Common Causes of Diabetes: You Should Know to Avoid It

Common Causes of Diabetes

Causes and natural Treatment of diabetes

High blood sugar causes diabetes. Because of high blood sugar, an adequate amount of insulin is not produced in the human body. This inadequate insulin production is responsible for diabetes. People who have high blood sugar or diabetes show some symptoms. Symptoms of this disease include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. There is three types of diabetes; juvenile, insulin resistant and gestational diabetes.

Maintain diets and regular blood checkup

Juvenile diabetes develops in teenagers and adults. In this stage, the human body cannot produce insulin. So they suffer from this disease. 10% people have this disease. This type of patients needs to take insulin injection until death. They have to maintain their diets and regular blood checkup.

Common Causes of Diabetes

The second type of diabetes is found in 90% people. Body cells do not respond to insulin. So the function of insulin is stopped in the human body. This disease is very dangerous. It is a progressive disease. It becomes dangerous gradually in the human body. People having overweight are at higher risk of this disease. If you have belly fat, you are susceptible to this disease. The Causes of this disease include overweight, physical inactivity and having wrong food in the diet. Only drinking soft drink every day can be the main reason for this disease. This type of patients should lead their life to a strict diet. Besides taking medicines, they have to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and monitor sugar level in the body. Keep sugar out of your reach. The main reasons behind this are when you grow older you become physically inactive and gain weight. Researchers say that low testosterone level causes insulin resistance. Men who have a low testosterone level in the body are at high risk of this disease.

The last type of diabetes is gestational. It is observed in women mostly. Women having a high sugar level are at high risk of this disease during pregnancy. High sugar or glucose level prevents the production of insulin in a woman’s body. Less amount of insulin cannot transport all of the glucose to the body cell. It results in high amount of glucose in the blood. This disease occurs during pregnancy. Glucose controlling medicines is prescribed for them. It helps to control the glucose level in blood. But some women need not any medicines.

By doing some exercise and having a healthy diet, they can handle it. You should get checked up on your body every week during pregnancy. If it is not diagnosed, then it will create complications for the baby. Baby will be bigger or smaller than normal. So you should be aware of it. Women who had high protein and cholesterol contained diet they become victims of this disease. All types of this disease have treatment. You may not be fully cured, but you can control it nicely. If it is not is not controlled properly, patients will suffer a lot. Many complications will make your life painful. Eye complication, foot complication, heart disease, skin complication, etc. will occur if diabetes is not treated.

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