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The Health Advantages of Circumcision Surgery on Adults

Circumcision Surgery on Adults

For countless American men, the decision on whether or not to opt for the circumcision surgery is something parents already made in the first few days of their son's life. Although circumcision surgery on adults males is relatively rare, these enhancement surgeries can often improve the appearance of the penis, boost personal comfort for men and improve the look of the penis to increase self-confidence.

At other times, men opt for this surgery as an elective one to correct medical issues or for medical reasons. Understanding the various health benefits of the circumcision surgery could help men make the final choice based on their set of needs.

However, here are five of the most important factors you need to consider when you determining on whether or not circumcision is a suitable choice for you or not.

Health Related Issues

Countless medical studies suggest that men who opt for the circumcision surgery could enjoy a somewhat lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases including other ailments that include penile cancer and urinary tract infections. Although some experts such as those at Circumcision Center believe that proper cleaning of the genitals plays an important role in reducing the risks for individuals who are uncircumcised, circumcision may provide a protection measure against such medical conditions. Female partners could also benefit from the procedure since circumcised men stand a better chance at having low chances of passing on sexually transmitted diseases to their intimate partners.

Cure for Paraphimosis and Balanoposthitis

In most cases, paraphimosis is a painful condition that causes pain and swelling around the glans or head of the penis, due to restriction in the flow of blood. At such times, if the foreskin remains struck to the tip of the penis, it becomes quite hard for men to try to pull the foreskin back, which causes pain and swelling. Sometimes, if men ignore proper care, this condition may lead to some problems like penile tissue death.

Balanoposthitis, however, is a health condition that results in bacterial infections, inflammation of the foreskin of the penis and swelling. The symptoms usually include pus and pain while urinating. Circumcision surgery can help to keep such problems away and it is necessary that you consider caring for the adult circumcision incisions at home.


A major function of the foreskin of the penis is to try to shield the penis tip from various foreign substances. This may provide some form of protection from some infection types. However, men who do not opt for the circumcision surgery may find it difficult to maintain cleanliness around the foreskin folds. As men opt for circumcision, it can improve hygiene and at the same time streamline their daily shower routine.

Appearance Boosts Self-esteem

Although preference for the circumcised appearance or an uncircumcised look is something that depends on personal preference, in the U.S, the consensus, in general, tends to favor the uncircumcised look. Removal of the foreskin of the penis is likely to create a more streamlined appearance that is visually better. Since many American men do not have circumcised penises, opting for this surgery can provide some added confidence in public bathrooms and locker rooms. Sometimes, men also opt for this surgery combined with penis enlargement surgeries to create a better and well-enhanced personal self-esteem.

Religious Observance

Some converts to certain religions may choose to opt for circumcision surgery as a part of the conversion process. Typically, boys born into such faiths go through the circumcision as infants or a few days after their birth. However, adults who choose to convert may need to schedule an appointment with a circumcision specialist at any time convenient for them.

Lower Risks of Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is extremely rare, in an uncircumcised penis; penile cancer could grow better and originate right from here. The circumcision in adult men could also help to reduce the possibility of developing penile cancer to about 3-4 times. It also serves as an ideal preventative measure for men who have a history of contracting diseases.


Although most men who do not go through the circumcision surgery often do not complain about any health-related issues with their foreskin, in cases of frequent infections and issues, it is advisable that men opt for circumcision as a preventative measure. Based on their preferences, men tend to opt for the procedure for personal and health reasons.

Regardless of what reasons you may have to opt for the surgical procedure, make sure that you take your time and discuss all the possible options you have with your circumcision and do not hesitate to ask any kind of questions that pop into your mouth regarding the after results, care and advantages.

During the recovery period, you have to make sure that you stay away from any strenuous activities, wear loose or tight underwear (as your physician recommends), and follow all the instructions on how to care for the incisions.

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