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Best Powdered Smoothies – Finally a healthy powdered instant drink!

Best Powdered Smoothies

I know you're thinking that I’ve gone off the deep end! Powdered smoothie?? Just hear me out. There is a huge market for powdered instant protein and breakfast drinks – no debate there. And yes I know that anything powdered is about as far away nutritionally as one can ever get from a fresh juice or smoothie – no debate either! What I want to tackle here is that if you don’t have time for a fresh drink, if you must reach for that powdered instant, as many people do, especially the young and busy, there is now for the first time a healthy alternative.

Now just to be clear I receive no remuneration of any kind from any company for articles on this site.

D’Vida Health has just created a line of powdered smoothies that contain real whole foods.

That’s right! The ingredients are actually healthy rather than chemicals you can’t even pronounce. They are the healthiest line of powdered drinks I've seen on the market. They taste great. Plus, they're available for a limited time on Amazon with a 50% discount.

There are currently 4 flavors to choose from, and the founder of D’Vida tells me that more choices are coming! Vidaboost features pineapple and coconut, Vidaslim has a fat burning complex of strawberries and bananas, Vidapump features banana and peanut butter, and my favorite, Vidagreen, contains cucumber, kale, green apple and spinach. The ingredients are freeze dried whole foods. The powder mixes instantly with your favorite nut, rice, oat or dairy milk. I even added just water and they all tasted delicious. I’m actually excited about this! If you have no time for the healthiest choice – a fresh juice or smoothie – this is a healthier alternative by far than any other powder, caned or bottled drink.

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